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$ 30

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Water bike


  • Burn Calories and Build Muscle Tone

  • Increased Cardio Endurance

  • Suitable for beginners

  • Duration: 45 minutes

  • Available: Everyday

    • Minimum height required 5’0” (152 cm), 1 Rider per Bike


Aqua Spinning Classes

Tired of the GYM? Join us on this unique way to workout on board of the world’s most advanced production water bike. Our spinning class is easy on the joints while giving the same cardio benefits as land training. Mix your routine of exercise with a relaxing and different workout. Enjoy the freedom of cycling across the water while getting fit. No experience required.

Some of the benefits you can get with our spinning on water are:

Burn Calories

Our spinning on water class of 45min will allow you to burn around 450 calories which is a considerable amount when compared to other workouts. The amount of calories you burn will vary depending of the intensity of your training.

Build Muscle Tone

Our spinning on water class will help you to build muscle focusing on core muscles as well as  buttocks and thighs. The intensity of your training will increase or decrease depending on the speed of your pedals. The faster you pedal the more like riding up a hill and burn fat you will feel.

Increased Cardio Endurance

If you are a regular customer and you join us regularly, you will build increased cardio endurance. This brings many different positive things to your life but some of the most important are that you will feel stronger and more energetic when working out.

Low Impact Exercise

Our amazing water bikes offer you a low impact workout putting no pressure on your knees and joints as some other aerobics do.

Relieve Stress

It is known that stress can be relieved with exercise however, our spinning on the water class is considered to be a more efficient stress reliever due to the fact that during your training you will be getting in direct contact with nature and also socialising with other people. Additionally, our instructor will be motivating you throughout your session and entertaining you with some music.

Reduced Risks of Injury

While running and jogging may present a high risk of injury, a spinning on water class is less likely to cause any injuries. However, it’s always recommended by our instructor to stretch prior to the class, so that you don’t pull any muscles.

Unlike other types of activities which can result unpleasant when performed during the months with low temperatures, a spinning on water class can be performed at any time during the year without getting wet.

What to bring ?

You will need shoes for the Beach Safari so bring them with you

You might get thirsty along the way so bring your water bottle

Queensland is Australia’s Sunshine State, so bring sun protection

Water is always nice, so pack your towel

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